Dive Equipment Servicing

At CWD we are committed to ensuring you have a safe and happy dive experience. We offer in house servicing of tanks and equipment and turnaround is usually 24 -48 hours depending on the day you drop them off.

Tanks are $45.00 per hydro inspection restamped and back to you full. Please be aware this does not include valves. Valve servicing is $25.00 plus parts.

Regulators are $89.00 plus parts on average $65.00 for a service kit. This includes stripping them down, sonic bathing them and replacing internals as required. If hoses need replacing a HP hose is $69.00 and a LP hose approximately $39.00.

A battery replacement for computers whether it be a console or wrist computer is $19.95 unless stated otherwise.

BCD’s are $40.00 plus parts (minimal parts normally required)